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Young Elmers

As well as the 55 large Elmers you can find around Ipswich, we also have 84 young Elmers displayed in 11 different ‘Learning Herds’ all over town, each representing a local school or youth organisation.

The 11 Learning Herds are as follows:

  • Coes;
  • Ipswich Museum – please note, Ipswich Museum is not open on Mondays;
  • Christchurch Mansion – please note, Christchurch Mansion is not open on Mondays;
  • Pennikkity Pots Ceramics Cafe;
  • Sailmakers Herd;
  • Jacey’s Coffee House;
  • Tourist Information Centre – please note, Ipswich Tourist Information Centre is not open on Sundays;
  • Buttermarket;
  • Idelo Travel;
  • Emma’s Florist;
  • LoveOne.

Elmer’s Learning Herd is supported by:

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Elefante Feliz

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Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk - A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk – A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice