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Suffolk Scouts support hospice art trail for the second time

1st Clare Beaver Scouts with their finished young Elmer

We are pleased to announce that Suffolk Scouts are once again supporting St Elizabeth Hospice’s next big art trail this summer.

From 15 June to 7 September, the streets of Ipswich town centre and Waterfront will be dotted with 55 large and 84 small elephant sculptures, as part of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk organised in partnership with Wild in Art and Andersen Press.

All 84 of the small sculptures, or young Elmers, have been painted by local schools and youth groups and Suffolk Scouts’ contribution, named “A Patchwork of Programme”, celebrates all the amazing opportunities and #skillsforlife on offer through the scouting movement.

Scouting across Suffolk continues to thrive by providing a balanced programme to young people, with a progressive structure of badges and awards through the sections from Beavers right up to Explorer Scouts.

This will be the second time they have participated in St Elizabeth Hospice’s art trail, as Brian Harvey, Former ACC Youth Programme Leader explains:

“Following the Success of Pig In Camp Blanket in 2016, I couldn’t say no to this worthy cause. The scouts were eager beavers and jumped at the opportunity when they herd about Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk coming to town!”

Ann Robertson is the County Beaver Leader who was responsible for organising the painting of their sculpture, involving young people from Sudbury District. She added:

Elmer is very ‘relephant’ to Scouting as it represents all the Scouting values including friendship, diversity and more. We have designed ‘A Patchwork of Programme’ to celebrate this relationship.”

Back in 2016, the Beavers and Guides carried out a ‘pigwash’ during the trail, helping to keep the pigs looking their best. They hope to carry out this ‘mammoth’ task again this year and are working with the Elmer team to fix a summer date.

The new Elmer scout badge, being launched especially for the trailIn addition, working with publishers of the Elmer book series, Andersen Press, the Suffolk Scouts have this year succeeded in creating an exclusive Elmer badge for their members. Participating Scouts can earn an Elmer badge by completing the trail or wearing colourful clothes to their weekly meeting in advance of Elmer Day, which is on Saturday 25 May.

Norman Lloyd, Campaign Manager for Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk, said:

“We are once again very grateful to the Scouts for all their support and are particularly excited about the development of the special Elmer Scout badge. They look very professional and are something for their members to be really proud of; we look forward to seeing all the participants out on the trail earning theirs!”

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk - A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk – A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice