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Official Elmer partners and sponsors announced

Partners and Sponsors of Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk

This morning saw the first official gathering of the partners and sponsors of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk.

A whole range of businesses were represented at the gathering, hosted by recent sign up Aurora Bar and Restaurant on Ipswich Waterfront. The networking breakfast gave supporters the chance to meet each other, and to hear from some of the Elmer team at St Elizabeth Hospice.

The campaign’s patron and trustee of the hospice, Terry Hunt, welcomed attendees and encouraged everyone to throw themselves fully behind the parade;

“I am truly proud to be patron of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk. We saw with Pigs Gone Wild what a difference trails like this can make to their home location and we are confident that next year’s trail will be even bigger and better than before, benefitting both Ipswich and of course the hospice. It is an incredible place and this campaign presents us with a really fun way to be able to support them.”

Norman Lloyd, Campaign Manager for Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk said:

“It was fantastic to be able to gather all our partners and sponsors together for the first time. We have been working with some of these companies since before the trail was even officially announced so it’s a great relief to be able to announce them officially at last! This campaign relies on our supporters being as enthusiastic about the trail as we are and from the reception this morning I think we have got a great group to work with.”

The full list of partners and sponsors for the campaign so far are available on the recently launched campaign website: www.elmersbigparadesuffolk.co.uk

‘Pigs Gone Wild’ attracted around 250,000 visitors to Ipswich and boosted the local economy by an estimated £1 million. It raised £200,000 for the hospice – enough to fund one week’s care – and is a highlight of the hospice’s busy fundraising calendar. The parade will once again be run in conjunction with public art event specialists, Wild in Art, as well as children’s publisher Andersen Press, publisher of Elmer since 1989.

Elmer the colourful patchwork elephant has been a nursery favourite since the first book was published by Andersen Press. A modern classic, this picture book is known to millions, and the entire Elmer series has sold over 8 million copies around the world. The subtle inclusive message is that it is ‘OK to be different’.

Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk comes to Ipswich from June to September 2019, bringing 50 large and 100 young Elmer sculptures to discover around the town.

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk - A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk – A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice