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Local artists invited to join Elmer’s parade

Lois Cordelia with Imagination Can Take You Anywhere

Artists, both well-known and as yet undiscovered, are being invited to submit their designs for Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk, the next big mass-participation art event taking place in Ipswich throughout the summer of 2019.

For twelve weeks during the summer of 2019, the streets, parks and open spaces of Ipswich town centre and waterfront will become home to a herd of 50 individually designed and beautifully created Elmers. And 50 elephants means we need 50 talented artists to help them look their tip-top best!

Following the success of Pigs Gone Wild in 2016, St Elizabeth Hospice has once again teamed up Wild in Art, and new partner Andersen Press, to stage this spectacular art event in Suffolk, offering artists a fantastic opportunity to play a significant part in what will be an exciting and popular event for residents and visitors of all ages right across the county.

Anyone can submit a design and the hospice team behind the event is particularly keen that next year’s parade represents the wealth of local talent that Suffolk has to offer.

Norman Lloyd, Campaign Manager for the hospice, said:

“For me, this is the really exciting bit of organising the trail; designs can be submitted by anyone – practising artist, student in training, or complete novice – and we would really love to see even more local artists represented this time, showcasing the talent we know Suffolk has to offer. With Pigs Gone Wild we received around 250 designs, which we had to whittle down to just 40, and although we have got ten more sculptures this time we expect to receive even more designs, so we know we have some tough decisions ahead of us!”

The deadline for designs to be submitted to the hospice is 31 October 2018, so artists have got three months in which to develop and submit their ideas. Submissions will then be shortlisted by a panel of experts and, following a special sponsors ‘matchmaking event’, the final 50 will be announced in December ready to get painting in the new year.

Ipswich artist, Loïs Cordelia, painted her first sculpture as part of Pigs Gone Wild in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since:

Lois Cordelia painting Pig-geswyk for Pigs Gone Wild in 2016“When I originally submitted my design, Pig-geswyk, for Pigs Gone Wild, I had no idea that it would result not only in a whole summer’s worth of exciting encounters, experiences and events, but would also lead me on to many further projects. Since then, I have painted designs for giant animal sculptures all over the UK. But it will always mean most to be part of my hometown’s trail. My involvement in Wild in Art has brought me some of the most fun, varied and beautiful times of my artistic career to date. Never a dull moment!”

2019 is a special year, celebrating the 30th birthday of both St Elizabeth Hospice and Elmer the Elephant himself. Submitting a design for Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk will enable artists not only to play an important role in the sculpture trail, but also to raise vital funds for our local hospice charity at an auction after the trail has ended.

Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk comes to Ipswich from June to September 2019. It follows the successful ‘Pigs Gone Wild’ art trail in 2016, which attracted around 250,000 visitors to Ipswich and boosted the local economy by an estimated £1 million. It raised £200,000 for the hospice – enough to fund one week’s care – and is a highlight of the hospice’s busy fundraising calendar.

Interested artists can find out more and make their submission on our Artists page.

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk - A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk – A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice