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Boost for Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk

Graham Shemmings and Norman Lloyd,

Graham Shemmings, Homestyle UK Windows, with Norman Lloyd, St Elizabeth Hospice

Announced in October, Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk has already been many months in the planning.

The momentum is now growing with companies keen to get involved, including Homestyle UK Windows who are the first to sign up to the ‘Early Bird Herd’.

Elmer’s ‘Early Bird Herd’ are companies who are signing up not only to sponsor an Elmer statue for the new trail, but who also pledge to involve their teams in raising additional funds for the hospice.

Graham Shemmings, managing director of Homestyle UK, told us:

“We were keen to get involved in Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk from the very start, as we did with ‘Pigs Gone Wild’. I am very proud that we were able to raise £10,000 for the hospice last year and we are looking to do the same if not more this time. The commitment to get involved is, I admit, quite high but the rewards are even higher. It really brought my team together with the fundraising events we organised, and one member even doing a parachute jump!”

Graham went on to add:

“I would recommend that anyone thinking of getting involved visits the hospice and takes their team too – believe me once you have seen the amazing work that they do everyone will be motivated to raise as much as you can. It’s a fantastic thing to do for the hospice but also a great one for your company.”

Norman Lloyd, campaign manager for the hospice, commented:

“It’s brilliant that Homestyle Windows are the first company to sign up to the Early Bird Herd, and I’m pleased to be able to announce they were closely followed by ABP. Both companies have been great supporters of St Elizabeth Hospice, in particular our “Pigs Gone Wild’ trail where they were not only valued sponsors but also went on to raise significant additional funds for us. I would like to thank Graham and Andrew Harston of APB for their continued support. It is greatly appreciated.”

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk - A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk – A Wild in Art event in support of St Elizabeth Hospice