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SLi deliver next day, premium, economy and express pallets across the UK and Europe.

We are one of the largest, longest serving multinational partners of Palletways, the market leading palletised freight delivery network.

Our truck mounted fork lift and crane vehicles can also deliver almost anywhere and save the requirement for additional manual labour.

Moffett trucks are multi directional enabling entry through narrow spaces, across rough terrain, and to construction sites, achieving delivery in most situations where standard methods could be labour intensive and time consuming.

For projects with difficult access, our Hiab truck mounted cranes can deliver over walls, fences, trenches, water or to where the delivery point can only be accessed from the road. Often perfect for unmanned sites and out of hours operations, this service offers an unbeatable flexibility to our customers.

We are trusted by thousands of companies to deliver the highest standards of service excellence for their own customer supply chains. Our transparency in service, integrity, honesty and desire to deliver service excellence is second to none.


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Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk