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Shirley Shelley is a commercial, industrial and window cleaning company offering office and industrial cleaning throughout Ipswich, East Anglia and the South East.

With a family heritage stretching back to 1982, they have established themselves as firm favourites for commercial cleaning in and around East Anglia and are proud of their reputation for exceptional service.

Shirley began the business cleaning small offices, and soon expanded to work for prestigious companies. This proved so successful that her son, Mark, and daughter, Petra, went on to join her. After expanding the business even further, the company was divided into two divisions; office cleaning, and industrial works; and now employs nearly 300 staff.

Shirley Shelley are proud of their local roots and are frequently active in fundraising efforts, both leading and supporting a variety of events and campaigns. St Elizabeth Hospice is a charity which is close to their hearts and they are pleased to be on board as an Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk sponsor.


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