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Ipswich School’s records date back as far as 1399, but the school was almost certainly in existence well before this. We have a long history of education in Ipswich with strong links to Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, one of the most powerful men in the country during the reign of Henry VIII, and are proud of our shared heritage with the town.

As a School we provide the best possible grounding in literacy and numeracy underpinned by first class pastoral care. We believe in the transforming power of education to realise potential in all our children and provide a supportive environment that makes children feel safe to explore their passions and interests.

Support for the local community is one of our core values and we are delighted to be involved in Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk in 2019. It is a truly exciting campaign that brings the community together but also raises funds for our important community asset, St Elizabeth Hospice.


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Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk