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Suffolk Agricultural Association’s aim is to get the message out about food and farming, how it impacts on our lives, why we do it and how it can benefit people.

Community spirit and diversity are strong values of the farming industry; although it can be very hard work and isolated at times, positivity, team work and talking to people are what make it. Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk has given us the opportunity to celebrate community spirit, let people know it is good to talk, to be themselves and to have a good time, as demonstrated by Elmer.

We are delighted to be part of Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk and to contribute to the education aspect of the project, as we feel it offers a unique and fun way to inform people about Suffolk’s wonderful community, to teach Elmer’s values and to encourage families to spend time together.

We run a year round programme of education activities and so we are thrilled to be involved with the learning programme aspect of the campaign, alongside our busy calendar of activities, informing children and young people about food and farming. We want to help people understand this so they can make informed decisions on their food, nutrition, the countryside around them, wellbeing and even their careers.


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Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk