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Get in touch – and keep in touch!

If you have any queries about Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk, please get in touch with one of the team and they will be pleased to help.

Norman Lloyd – Campaigns Manager
Tel: 01473 707015
Mobile: 07736 296890
Email: norman@elmersbigparadesuffolk.co.uk
Working days: Tuesday to Thursday 08:00-16:00

Joanne Beattie – Assistant Campaigns Manager
Tel: 01473 707909
Email: jo@elmersbigparadesuffolk.co.uk
Working days: Monday to Thursday

Jennie Hutchinson – Marketing Project Manager
Tel: 01473 707922
Email: jennie.hutchinson@stelizabethhospice.org.uk
Working days: Tuesday and Thursday

Juliette Joannes – Youth Fundraising and Young Elmer Project Intern
Tel: 01473 707935
Email: juliette.joannes@elmersbigparadesuffolk.co.uk
Working days: Monday to Friday 09:00-16:00


Social media

We have a dedicated ‘Elmer’ Facebook page and Twitter feed so please ‘like’ and follow us to keep up to date with what is happening and what is coming up. Just search @elmersuffolk19 and there we are!

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk

Elmer's Big Parade Suffolk